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Hello! You have probably come here after reading the hundreds of examples given in Wavetimes.com, the free blog that I have been writing for many years. Nothing is more impressive than a series of predictions that seem to work!

Perhaps this is a good time to inform you that making accurate predictions has got nothing to do with making money. A winning strategy in the markets is much more than an ability to make predictions. Not least important in this strategy is an ability to be patient, and an ability to take risks when the odds favor you. My online program, "How to Profit from Elliott Waves" teaches you this exact strategy using a case-study method. So, if you are desirous of learning my unique approach to successfully navigating the markets, enrolling in that course should be your next move. Here is the link: https://elliottwaves.com

My Approach

I look for opportunities that have tremendously skewed reward-risk tradeoffs. There would be no reason to leverage too much. With this approach, we never need to take substantial amounts of financial risk. The ideas will be those where the reward-risk relationship is so greatly in our favor that we can take a variety of small trades that give us minimum draw down pain and maximum upside opportunities.

Ramki's Consultancy Service

Did you ever consider the possibility that you could consult with an internationally renowned markets expert at an affordable price? Ramki has been consulting with leading money-center banks and hedge fund managers for over three decades. And now you have an opportunity to discuss your market exposure with him on a personal basis. The details for this are given at https://wavetimes.net/consulting.

Chart Packs

Every now and then, I also offer chart packs on some popular instruments (e.g., S&P500 index, Nifty index, Russell 2000, FTSE, Commodities like Gold, Silver etc.) for a charge of 1 unit. Members who have at least 1 unit in their account get such email notifications and they are free to write back authorizing me to charge 1 unit. However, just like consultations, there won't be any follow up comments. 

Who can join?

Membership is offered to experienced traders who seek an unbiased and expert view on the markets. Being such a trader, you understand a very important point: NO ONE KNOWS THE FUTURE! and any approach to the market involves taking a risk. Ramki shares his views and unique approach to help you make your own decisions.

How do I sign-up?

You will have to register as a member and purchase credits. You can do that by clicking the button below. Additional information about pricing, membership benefits and FAQs can be found here.

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