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    The Best Elliott Wave Course is now available to you online!

    Ramki's much-awaited on-line course on Elliott Waves is now LIVE!

    The course is in two parts. In the first part, comprising five modules, I have covered the theory with lots of CURRENT real-world examples. The videos in this part run for over 3 hours. This should give you a very strong foundation about what the theory is all about. Most others merely copy and paste information they gathered from some popular sources, including from my own book "Five Waves to Financial Freedom"! In my course, my emphasis is always on how to make the theory relevant to you. 

    The second part will literally transform the way you approach the market. It focuses on the practical application of the theory. I use the case-study method of teaching, made famous by Harvard Business School. There are over 13 hours of case studies from numerous markets that you can vsist againa dn again at your own pace. Often, I revisit a case study to discuss how things turned out.

    You will learn how to spot low-risk trading opportunities, and how to USE the Elliott Wave Principle to make smart trading decisions. You will see several case-studies of actual consulting work that I have done, as well as trade ideas that were shared with members of his Exclusive Club. You will see detailed explanations of my thought process. In addition, I keep adding new content from the CURRENT market to keep the course fresh! Go ahead, and join the exclusive set of people who are profiting from these insights. Here is the link: Ramki's online Elliott Wave Educational Program

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