Last Example posted: 4 May 2016

As you know, I choose to remain inactive until I spot something really interesting and compelling. However, many members approach me with a consulting request because they are contemplating an investment or a high value trade. Sometimes, I prepare a set of charts for my own use, and offer it to the members. Below are some sample cases. I am not publishing every chart that appeared in a chart pack (often there are 6 or 7 charts). The idea is to just give you a flavor of what is possible, and how you too might benefit. I will update this page with new examples every few days.

8 March 2016
The first of the following two charts is one of the charts that made up the analysis of MCX Silver, that I sent to a client. The price at that time was 38,035 and I was bullish and wanted him to buy on any dip under 36,000. See the second chart for the outcome.
1 Feb 2016
I had invested in Kaveri Seeds at Rs 330 on 30th December 2015. However, I did not offer the idea to members until 1 Feb because I did not want them to take the same level of risk as I did. On 1 Feb, the timing seemed more appropriate. So I sent to subscribing members two sets of charts. The first was the rationale that prompted me to buy at 330 in late Dec, and the second was the improving picture. (Naturally, I always disclose my own interest in the stock. That is an ethical thing to do. Indeed, members seem to grow in confidence if they know that I was staking my own funds as well). Well, members were urged to buy in stages starting from around 357. They even saw a retest of the 330 level where I had made my initial purchase. And it went to a high of 416 by 10 March 2016, a 16% gain even from the highest level they would have purchased (357).
1 Jan 2016
Comex Gold.
A client was seeking a medium-term view on Comex Gold when it was trading at 1060. I suggested that a medium term rally was liekly from between 1008 and 1048. We were only $12 away from the minimum target that was already seen once.
Gold has already rallied to $1280 since that consulting engagement. Here are 2 charts from that set.
1 Jan 2016
A cient approached me for advice on his proposed investment in Rajesh Exports. The stock was trading around Rs 678 at that time.
I proposed that we will likely see a move to around 740 from where we will get a significant correction. The top was 744 and it came off to 562, a 25% move. Here is my final chart in that chart pack.

23 November 2015
A high networth individual from Saudi Arabia was heavily invested in a stock in the TASI. That stock goes by the reference number 2100. On 29th January 2015, he wanted to know whether he can stay invested as he had heard rumors of an imminent significant rally! The stock had closed at 40.10 when I prepared my analysis for him. Click on the link below to access the chart pack that I sent this client. And then check out what happened (I have presented a screen grab of the chart as of today 23 Nov 2015 with some key levels noted for your reference)
Click here to see the Elliott Wave Analysis for Saudi Arabia Stock # 2100
31 October 2014

Many of our members have gone long on 'Andhra Bank" stock from around 66.70 onwards. This was back in August 2014. Today that stock is up by over 25% from those levels. Here is one of the charts that justified an investment around there.

22 October 2014

The following chart was part of a 'chart pack' covering India's NIFTY index. It was sent out to members on 24th September. At the time of posting this update today, 22 Oct 2014, the index is trading at 7990 after seeing a low of 7724 on 17 October 2014.


The following are just a sample of the consulting outcomes. Some went out in the form of chart packs.

On 1st October I shared with clients a set of 5 charts on Silver. Two of those are shown here.
Silver rallied from a low of 16.66 to 17.68. a gain of over 6%.


I have several clients who are active in the Commodities market in India. Here are some samples.

4 August 2014

MCX Zinc

When Zinc was trading at 143.45, I advised clients to stay long for 147. The high posted by the end of that day was 146.95.

2 August 2014

A client had requested my analysis on Crude Oil Futures, August contract that is traded in India's MCX. He was long quite aggressively. The conflict in the Middle East was getting quite intense and anyone would be tempted to stay long or even buy. But I advised him to take profits between 6238 and 6258. Here is one of the charts I sent him on 18th July.

The actual high was seen on 22 July at 6254 and it has come off at the time of writing this to a low of 5938, a move of over 5% as shown below.

21 July 2014

A few days ago, I was approached by a fund manager to give my views on Multi Commodity Exchange of India. The first chart below is one of the set I had sent him. The second chart is what you see today, a mere 8 days later. You need not have to think too hard to appreciate that the people who talk to me include folks who can move the market.

26 May 2014


A member asked for my analysis on Silver expressed in Indian Rupees!  And this is what he got (there were 7 charts in his pack. Only 2 are shown here.

The recommendation was to wait for 39.42 and 38.65 to buy for an initial move to 42.50

2nd June 2014

The low was 39.40 and we have been rallying since!

24 May 2014

Atlas Cycle Ltd

Recommended buying at 252 with a stop at 242 for a Rs 30 gain.

11 June 2014

After first dipping to a low of 242.65, allowing a long position to be created, the target of a gain of Rs 30 and more was reached by 11 June 2014


25 April 2014 Inc

Recommended buying near 280 for a move to 337.

11 June 2014 Inc

The target was reached on 11 June 2014


30th May 2014
GVK Power Ltd

Identified support starting at 16.20 and recommend buying in stages for a move to around 21.

9th June 2014
GVK Power Ltd

Reached a high of 20.65


You need to consider the size of your exposure with the fee you are paying Ramki for his charts. For example, if your investment or trade is for $20,000, the fee you pay Ramki is a mere 0.5%. You need to evaluate the cost versus the benefit! What sort of swings does your P&L show on a daily basis? If you are trading Gold or Crude Oil, especially on a leveraged basis, there is no question that you need an expert's unbiased opinion.