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Last updated 23 June 2015

January 2015

Trade #81(US Stock)

On 11 Jan, when Genuine Parts Co (GPC) was trading at 101.37, we were unsure if the bull cycle top was already posted. Hoping that its 5th wave will extend, we decided to buy in stages, starting from 98.90. But on 13th Jan, the stock lost 4.25% in one session, confirming that we were in a bear cycle. We decided to exit near break-even on the next bounce, which was seen the following day. We decided to try our luck to make a smaller gain trading the corrective recoveries within the bear cycle, and went long again at 95.38 on 14 Jan with a view to taking profit at 98.40. But on 15th January, the Swiss National Bank shocked the world by removing the ceiling it had held in place against the Euro. Equity markets across Europe were jolted, and the Swiss markets fell by 14%. Being unsure how the US markets will react, we decided that should there be an opportunity to exit at break even, we should do so and buy at 94.05. The US markets recovered to above our breakeven level, but it never came below the low seen on 14 Jan. until it reached the profit target at 98.40. Altogether members were presented 33 detailed charts explaining how to trade each step of the way. Some of the comments are tactics that are not available is any other single source. We count this trade as a 'Flat Trade' even though several members made money.

Trade #82 (Indian Mid Cap Stock)

On 12 Jan, when Bajaj Corp Ltd jumped to a historical high at  437.45, we decided to buy on the dip. On 14 Jan we decided the firm levels to buy was at 411.50 and 395. The stock dipped to a low of 405 on 23 Jan, and started recovering. Our goal was to make about 10% on this trade. On 4 Feb, the stock posted a high of 451.60, which was more than 10% from its lows, but 9.7% from our entry level. We moved our stop higher to 428.50 to ensure that we will make at least 4% and the trade was closed on 4 Feb 2015. This counts as a profitable trade.


Trade #83

On 4 Feb, we decided to buy NIFTY futures when the index reached 8710. Our orders were filled and we decided to take profit when it reached 100 points in our favor. More aggressive traders moved their stops to 8770. The index reached a high of 8838 before turning down.This counts as a profitable trade.


Trade #84

After a 3-month break (necessitated by various personal engagements, including the production of my 2nd book) I returned to the market in the 3rd week of May 2015. 

On 26 May, when Rallis India closed at 224.65, I suggested buying at the market for a 5% move. The following day, the stock opened at 222.95, ensuring that everyone who wished got a fill on their buy orders. I assumed our buying rate to be 223.50. The low on that day was 221. Then, on 28th May, the stock made a low again at 221.50. But it closed higher at 226.75. Finally, on 29th May, it raced higher to reach our target of 234.70 (the actual high was 235).


Trade #85

On 18th June, I suggested that we should buy Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd in two lots, at 55 and 53 with a view to making at least 8%. The stock was trading at that time at 56.70.  I also suggested that this stock could become a multi bagger over time. Sure enough, the stock dipped to 54.85 on 19th June and promptly rallied to 57.10. Thereafter, it began a slow descent towards our second buy level. But it could manage to reach only 53.30. and from that point, it powered higher in a spectacular move to 64.35. We closed the trade at 62.35, taking a profit of over 13% in just 4 sessions.


Trade #86

On 6th August, I suggested that we should buy Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd in two lots, at 70.80 and 68.10 with a view to making about 8%. The stock had rocketed higher by 14% that day and was trading ar 73.30 when I made the recommendation. We went long our first lot on 7th August and on 10th August, the stock rallied to 74.25, a gain of 4.8%. It slipped back to 70.15 and rallied again to 73.30 on 11 August. This was 3.5% higher than our entry price of 70.80. But then we saw teh Chinese devaluation and weakness all around. We finally bought another lot at 68.10, and our average rate was 69.45. The stock recovered to 70.00, giving us one final chance to get out (which we didn't take) and then came off to stop us at 66.00. This is the first loss-making trade in 2015.


Number of trades:        6
Profitable trades:         4
Losing trades:               1
Flat trades:                  1
Abandoned:                  0

No. of trades by Category:
India's Nifty                   1
US Stock                        1
Indian Stock                  4
Total                             6

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